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Moodboard – Country Manor

Thursday, 12 September 2013 | Design, Web

Country manor moodboard

I’m super excited about this new project that I’m working on, so I just had to share the process so far. I’ve already started sketching some hand-drawn logo ideas as well, which I’ll share soon. I always love the more hands-on projects where I get to spend a couple of days in the studio painting or sketching to create something a little more special!

The above mood board was inspired by country manors and rose gardens, and brand words like “beautiful”, “feminine”, “idyllic”, “sophisticated” and “charming”. The colour scheme echoes colours found in nature… pink roses, green manicured lawns – which I adore! Stay tuned for an update on this project soon.

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A Golden Little Christmas

Thursday, 13 December 2012 | Colour, Inspiration

Gold and Black Christmas MoodboardA golden, glittery inspiration board accented with black and white for the festive season (no bright red and green here!):

  1. Glitter garland – Steph Loves Ben
  2. Celebrate plate – Style Me Pretty
  3. Golden dress – Style Me Pretty
  4. Glitter star garland – Hello Smitten
  5. Outdoor lanterns – Style Me Pretty
  6. Chalkboard Christmas greeting – Lily & Val
  7. Champagne celebrations – The Sweet Occasion


A hint of new life ~ Pinterest Pretties

Friday, 10 August 2012 | Colour, Inspiration

Pinterest Pretties - Spring Collection

Spring is near… the scent of nectar in the air is intoxicating and the sun warms my soul as I sip my tea in the garden. Spring has crept into my subconscious this month on Pinterest, feeling inspired by gardens, florals and birdlife as I pin away.

  1. The Small Garden – The Small Garden
  2. Plants & Flowers Illustration – Angela Dalinger
  3. Quince Blossoms – Creature Comforts
  4. Flowers – Helt Enkelt
  5. Birdwatching Print – My Mymble’s Daughter
  6. Blossom Art – Stephanie Ryan
  7. Lauren Kinsey – Lauren Kinsey Photography