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Wild & Free

Friday, 08 May 2015 | Design, Inspiration

Wild and Free, a bohemian gypsy illustration and pattern pack with feathers, flowers and tribal elements
Wild & Free is a beautiful boho / gypsy collection of hand-drawn illustrations, frames and patterns, with birds, feathers, florals and tribal elements. I can’t wait to try this collection out in a new project!

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Moodboard – Country Manor

Thursday, 12 September 2013 | Design, Web

Country manor moodboard

I’m super excited about this new project that I’m working on, so I just had to share the process so far. I’ve already started sketching some hand-drawn logo ideas as well, which I’ll share soon. I always love the more hands-on projects where I get to spend a couple of days in the studio painting or sketching to create something a little more special!

The above mood board was inspired by country manors and rose gardens, and brand words like “beautiful”, “feminine”, “idyllic”, “sophisticated” and “charming”. The colour scheme echoes colours found in nature… pink roses, green manicured lawns – which I adore! Stay tuned for an update on this project soon.

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Fab Font Friday ~ Frankie Magazine

Friday, 14 September 2012 | Design, Tutorials, Typography

Frankie Mag - original

frankie mag blog style

I love the style of the Frankie Magazine website, with its organic, handwritten title complimenting the typewriter body text that gives the site a retro feel.

So today I’ve created a quick 5 min Photoshop tutorial on how to recreate this look! The cursive title looks like it has been hand drawn, but we can use a font that is very similar instead to mock it up in no time at all. I’ve chosen a font called Business Penmanship, but Learning Curve Pro and Sunshine in my Soul are suitable free alternatives.

Use the Business Penmanship font, then skew and scale to adjust text to match the Frankie font

That’s all we need to do for the title, although if you want more of an organic, hand drawn feel you could print out your title and trace it with a black pen then scan it back into your computer.

So now we can add some body text by using a monospaced, typewriter-style font like Courier New (I’ve just set this to 12px).

The end result:

Create the Frankie magazine online style

Font: Business Penmanship
Combine with: Courier New
Great for: Handmade / Vintage Designs

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