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Studio Soundtrack – DMA’s

Monday, 07 April 2014. Tags


Digging the early 90’s / Manchester / Oasis vibe from this local band – feeling quite nostalgic here in the studio!


Studio Soundtrack – Cloud Control

Friday, 06 September 2013. Tags


Holy moly it has been so busy lately! I’ve been listening to a lot of Cloud Control here in the studio while I work.

I seriously can’t get enough of these guys, the new album has gotten a good workout this week! Listen on Spotify

Enjoy your weekend :)


October Studio News

Friday, 26 October 2012. Tags

Things have been extremely busy in the Kitten Lane studio this month! In between family events and work, my DIY wedding plans are now in full swing. Here’s what’s been happening over the past month…

Website Projects

This month saw the launch of a couple of websites for two wonderful ladies- Nat (Clique Clothes) and Bethan (Blooms by Bethan). These two projects have easily become my portfolio favourites!

Blooms by Bethan wordpress blog design

Blooms by Bethan is the little boutique business of the talented Sydney cake decorator and florist, Bethan.

As a startup business owner, Bethan had a limited budget for this project, but also mentioned that she really loved the design of the Kitten Lane website and wanted something similar. She already had the logo designed, along with the watercoloured peony, so I had lots of inspiration to draw from for this design ready to go.

To keep costs down we decided to design the new website using Kitten Lane’s WordPress template. I was able to recycle most of the code and although the website is similar to KL in terms of layout, the new site has been given its own unique stamp.

To finish off the project, a matching e-newsletter was developed so that Bethan can email out all of the latest news to her customers and followers. I absolutely loved working on this blog/e-news design with all of its gorgeous flourishes!

Clique Clothes woocommerce shop website

Clique Clothes is an Australian online store stocking the latest NZ fashion labels. This was an interesting project as Nat originally had a friend building this site and had contacted me to just add a couple of nifty little jQuery effects for the images and menus.

It wasn’t long before we realised that the shopping cart being used wasn’t going to do the job (the checkout process was completely broken!), so after some thought we ditched the old system and Nat requested my services to rebuild the online shop from the ground up. Still wanting to keep the website on the WordPress platform, we decided to build the new shop using the WooCommerce shopping cart.

The design was kept true to the original PSDs and the old shopping cart template, but also took on some new (and improved) styling from the new WooCommerce template. I also made a few little tweaks to buttons, fonts and padding just to make it a little tidier.

Wedding Plans

My fiancé and I have decided on a country wedding (pretty easy decision really as we both grew up in the country) and have found an old hall for the reception. So now that the  venue is booked, I can start focusing on the fun part – colour schemes and decorations!


A couple of weeks ago some sample colour swatches that I had ordered for the bridesmaid dresses arrived in the mail (yay!). The swatch that I have chosen is ‘Seafoam’, although this is closer to the ‘Cameo Green’ colour below. Together with dusty pink and a little bit of cream I think this will achieve the romantic, “rustic charm” feel that I’m after (looks a lot like the colours on this website, right?).


I decided ages ago that I wanted to hand make all of the decorations for the wedding, so a few weeks ago when I was up at the farm I gathered up a whole heap of jars that mum had collected. I’ve posted a few photos below of what I’ve made so far – I’m rather pleased with the results!

wedding color swatches
Handmade wedding tealight lanterns Handmade wedding tealight lantern close up Handmade wedding tealight lanterns
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Sights of Melbourne

Thursday, 06 September 2012. Tags

winter street winter trees spring street tapas Seafood at St Kilda Palais Theatre in St Kilda

Hello! I haven’t posted in awhile as I have lots of family things happening at the moment, including my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding. I recently went to Melbourne for her hen’s weekend and as I didn’t want to drag my SLR around I decided to challenge myself with just taking some creative instagram photos on my mobile to capture the Melbourne atmosphere. I hope you enjoy :)


Creating a potato stamp

Thursday, 12 July 2012. Tags

This year I decided I would try to make a few handmade gifts for family and friends – and this one was definitely a fun little project! My fiance had put in an order for some little drawstring bags for his camping odds and ends, so I fired up the sewing machine to make the first bag following this tutorial.

I ended up staining the fabric with tea to give the bag more of a rustic look and then thought it would be nice to add a stamp to make it a bit more personal. As I was a little short on time (*ahem* night before fiance’s bday) and not having any lino supplies, I decided to go with the trusty ol’ potato to make my stamp. I chose this image, stuck it to the potato and started carving it out (who thought potato printing could be so fun?!). I’m rather happy with the end result!

creating a potato stamp

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