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Creating a potato stamp

Thursday, 12 July 2012. Tags

This year I decided I would try to make a few handmade gifts for family and friends – and this one was definitely a fun little project! My fiance had put in an order for some little drawstring bags for his camping odds and ends, so I fired up the sewing machine to make the first bag following this tutorial.

I ended up staining the fabric with tea to give the bag more of a rustic look and then thought it would be nice to add a stamp to make it a bit more personal. As I was a little short on time (*ahem* night before fiance’s bday) and not having any lino supplies, I decided to go with the trusty ol’ potato to make my stamp. I chose this image, stuck it to the potato and started carving it out (who thought potato printing could be so fun?!). I’m rather happy with the end result!

creating a potato stamp


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