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Hand Drawn & Line Art Wreaths

Thursday, 17 May 2012. Tags

Today I’m sharing with you a roundup of wreath design files that you can use on your own design, blog and DIY projects. I collected these when I was designing the Kitten Lane website as I wanted to incorporate a wreath into the logo design (sneak peak below). Unfortunately the wreath idea didn’t make it past the first round of design revisions, but I am determined to use it in another project!

I’ve included links below to the original blogs for you to download. I’m sure you’ll also find lots of other goodies on these websites! As always though, please check the terms and conditions of use on the respective owners website as a lot of these goodies are for personal use only.

Kitten Lane wreath logo - initial concept
Hand drawn wreaths from The Besotted Brand Blog Paris wreath from The Graphics Fairy

Download the wreaths here:

  1. Hand drawn wreaths – Besotted Brand Blog
  2. French Transfer Printable Paris Wreath – The Graphics Fairy


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