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About Kitten Lane

Beautiful websites, carefully crafted…

Kitten Lane is a design studio that provides female focused web design solutions to individuals, small businesses, start ups and bloggers.

Each beautifully handcrafted website is carefully thought out through an involved creative planning process. We brainstorm with you to develop a website blueprint that is inline with your business goals.

Nikki Phillis ~ Creative Director

Kitten Lane is the bespoke web design business of Nikki Phillis. With over 10 years in the industry as an IT professional, Nikki has literally designed and built hundreds of websites, working directly with boutique businesses and graphic designers to help turn ideas into a digital reality.

As a female web developer and WordPress specialist, Nikki can help you negotiate the often quite male-dominated field of programming, e-commerce and marketing. You’ll know that not only will you get a beautifully designed site, it will also be a quality website built on a solid framework and with high code standards.

Having worked in an Internet Service Provider and Hosting company for several years, Nikki has the technical advantage to help you with hosting, domain names and other server-side “tech stuff”. She also understands that although successful in your own business, you may not be up on all of the latest web terminology. Just remember, no question or idea is too silly!

Nikki is joined by a team of talented designers and developers, all who work on a flexible, freelance basis.

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